About Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is a driven professional based in Las Vegas. Zeeshan holds many titles — music/entertainment entrepreneur, celebrity nutritional consultant, and Zeeshan Hoodbhoyresidency candidate (Internal Medicine), to name a few — but no matter what he’s doing, he enjoys a challenge. A lifelong learner, he is proud to do his part in making a difference across industries.

During his time as a DJ he frequently rubbed shoulders with big names in the entertainment industry, such as Akon, Bizzy Bone, Marques Houston, Twista, and others, working with and getting to know them on a more personal level. Now, Zeeshan primarily focuses on building his groundbreaking brand Hoodbhoy Entertainment.

Outside of music, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is a trusted consultant and confidant for anyone who seeks out a healthy lifestyle. While he often consults for the likes of Mike Tyson, Eddie Griffin, DL Hughley, and countless other celebrities and athletes, he is simply driven to get information out there for anyone who needs it.

In efforts to reach and assist as many people even beyond a traditional office setting, Zeeshan hopes to blog frequently to give non-patient specific medical advice and to provide crucial medical information that is accessible anywhere and to anyone. One of his goals is to have patients leave his office with all of their questions answered, instead of remaining scared and confused and alone. Health and medicine, in Zeeshan Hoodbhoy’s opinion, have no discrimination when it comes to patients; everyone faces their own problems, everyone is deserving of medical aid, and no problem is too small. He is accustomed to answering questions and does so eagerly, taking each matter seriously, to help others find solutions and maintain a more comfortable, pain-free lifestyle. This attitude and respect towards his patients make him an approachable and understanding confidant.

For more on Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, visit ZeeshanHoodbhoy.com!